The Ultimate Guide to Construction Project Management

Professionals like civil engineers, structural engineers, and construction managers who work in the construction industry can switch to project management positions. This is because they have prior experience in the industry, enabling them to carry out the responsibilities of the role. A construction project manager is a professional that uses management tools to plan and execute a construction project from pre-design to completion. He or she works with and manages other key professionals – engineers, architects, surveyors – on a construction project to deliver an efficiently built structure within the specified time. Construction project management is a promising career for those who are just starting out and those who have been in the field for years. The median salary for a construction project manager is approximately $112,000 annually, much higher than the national average.

There’s so much you can learn in the office and field during that time, and it’s a shame to waste those opportunities simply holding your breath for the next higher position. If you don’t have a strategic point of view, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed and falling behind your construction project management peers. A strategic focus is critical for thinking beyond the day to day tasks that will overwhelm you if you’re not careful. Use each project as an excuse to showcase your facility with risk assessment, management and overall strategy.

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Construction management is a type of project management that involves planning and overseeing construction projects from start to finish. A construction manager is a professional who coordinates, budgets, and supervises construction projects, from residential homes to skyscrapers. Their daily tasks include setting deadlines, attending team or client meetings, tracking the project budget, and providing updates and reports. Although they might visit the construction site occasionally, their main work is in the office. For project managers, having a construction background is not strictly required.

If a subtask isn’t finished on schedule, it can set back the project completion date. Part of a manager’s job is responding to crises and making adjustments to bring tasks back on schedule and budget. Earned from two organizations, professional certifications help new managers rise in the field. The certifications assure employers that a manager is current on industry standards and best practices, along with ethics and codes of conduct. Team scheduling and resource management are other essential features you’ll want, to help you chart the availability, skill set, cost and allocation of your workforce and your construction materials in real time. Monitoring your project execution phase is essential to the project performing as planned.

How long does it take to become a construction project manager

Depending on the organization, procurement might be the responsibility of the general contractor or subcontractors. It’s the responsibility of the general contractor to oversee the performance of the subcontractors. But, at the end of any construction project there will always be some unfinished tasks or work that needs to be re-done. Our punch list template is the perfect tool to help you make sure no task is left behind at project closure.

As construction processes become more complex, employers are placing greater importance on specialized education. To maximize efficiency and productivity, construction managers often perform the tasks of a cost estimator. They use specialized cost-estimating and planning software to show how to allocate time and money in order to complete their projects.

Important Construction Project Management Skills

Candidates will be required to inspect, direct and monitor work relating to emergency repairs and hazardous materials abatement for compliance with plans and specifications. They will be responsible for ensuring that acceptable abatement methods are used including equipment and compliance with all laws, rules and regulations. Candidates will monitor contract performance; identify problems in construction and seek appropriate resolution. Software systems make it easy for workers and teams to correspond, especially when separated by time and location. They also help personnel organize and retrieve correspondence, without the security vulnerabilities of email. When workers are collaborating on a document, the system can track the changes made by each person.

how to become construction project manager

They need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and delegate tasks accordingly. Most companies will also encourage their construction managers to obtain a Master’s Degree to expand their knowledge further. When choosing a software system, project managers should consider several variables, depending on the project size and the manager’s needs.

Tenured Project Managers: Making the Leap to the Next Step

A construction project manager position can be a highly rewarding and challenging career path. If you already work in the construction industry, you may be thinking about taking on project management, so it’s important to know what skills you need and what steps you should take to get there. A construction engineer or manager, sometimes referred to as a site manager, is in charge of pretty much everything that occurs on a building site. One of the most senior people to be found on-site, you’ll be expected to oversee and direct the specific operations within a building project. From hiring staff and going over plans with architects, surveyors and engineers, to planning work schedules, monitoring progress and reporting back to clients. You’ll be the main point of contact on-site, both for subcontractors and the general public.

These certifications depend on the level of their education and experience. Today’s modern construction project managers need to be willing to embrace new technologies. In addition to construction project management platforms, stay abreast with tech in the field, such as collaboration software. Even if you’re not using these platforms yourself, playing a leading role in getting tech to your teams will pay off big on how communication is done on your projects.

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